Step #3 to Building the Black Community

Let’s work together!

I’ve heard from a few of you about ideas for creating a successful Black community. One common idea I heard a lot was about creating a platform to find products and services by responsible and reliable Black businesses. Notice, I emphasized responsible and reliable.

If you read my March 2003 blog post, then you know about my recent experience with a Black contractor that was far from ideal that left me and my family very frustrated to say the least. If I was not already determined to support Black businesses, it would have been very easy to walk away and take the easy way and buy from established non-Black businesses. But my unsavory experience as bad as it was, was not enough to deter me from continuing to support the success of my community.

To my pleasant surprise, there are many others in our tribe who want to work with Black owned businesses with one condition: the businesses must be reliable and consistently provide good products and services.

That gave the idea to create a platform for Black business owners who are willing to bring their A-game to customers. Although I don’t yet have a name for this platform, it will be something along the lines of a Yelp for Black businesses.

If you are currently a Black business owner, or if you are planning to become a Black business owner in the near future, or if you know of a Black business owner click this link and fill out a short form so I can get an idea for how to design a platform to showcase Black businesses for people looking for products and services. Feel free to share this blog with other Black business owners.

I’m hoping to roll out a platform later this year for Black business owners and those who want to use their products and services!

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