Step # 1 to Building the Black Community

Last November as I began looking ahead at 2023, my thoughts focused on the Black community. I have always seen great potential in our community. After my awakening in 2018 when I came to the realization that there has been a concerted effort towards keeping Black people in a continuous state of programmed thinking, I began my own personal quest to break my programming. Since then, I’ve come to realize the potential that lies ahead for our community as a whole is far greater than I first thought. This discovery was the genesis for my book series, Reverse the Slavery Curse.

When it comes to rebuilding the Black community, we have to think differently than other racial groups. We cannot rebuild openly like many other communities can. Our rebuilding needs to happen in silence and in darkness. In other words, we cannot broadcast what we’re doing, but have to do it in stealth mode. Holy scripture supports this. The gospel of Matthew 3:6 instructs believers not to let their left hand know what their right hand is doing.

When a community has been at the socioeconomic bottom for generations like the Black community has, many of those around them that operate at a higher level are comfortable with looking down at them. When the bottom community begins to rise, however, those around them will not be so comfortable and may take measures to keep them down as they begin to rise from their bottom position (Black Wall Street anyone)? We are still early in 2023 and I’ve been putting much thought into specifically how the Black community can build together and rise from their bottom position while operating in stealth mode. I’d like to invite you to get in touch with me with your own ideas for collaborating and building together. Hit me up on the Reverse the Slavery Curse contact page with your thoughts.

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