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Control was taken over your spirit, mind, and body. Learn how to take it back.

Reverse the Slavery Curse: Breaking the Black Magic Spells gives you detailed written prayers that enable you to break the invisible chains and shatter the spiritual barriers that have held you back from prospering in the real world.

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Spiritual weapons of war are being used against you. To get the upper hand, continue reading.

Many European, Latino and Asian people who came to the United States decades ago with just a few dollars in their pocket, are wealthy in a few years. So why is it that many Black people who have been in the U.S. for generations, are still living at the poverty level?

According to Paula Holland, there are natural and spiritual reasons for the bottom position of many Black people. In her book, Reverse the Slavery Curse: Breaking the Black Magic Spells, Holland gives a detailed history of Black people with traceable incidents that have led to their current condition and gives specific prayers that empower Black people to take back the authority and dominion that was stolen from them.

Reverse the Slavery Curse: Breaking the Black Magic Spells is book one of a three-part series, and in it, readers will learn:

  • A detailed history of the indiscretions of Black people that led to The Most High God cutting them off from being a nation and assigning races of people from around the world to punish them
  • The steps that Black people today need to take to stop the punishment of oppressors
  • A detailed breakdown on the mental and physical tactics that have been used against Black people to place them at the bottom of society
  • To address the black magic and witchcraft that was cast on Black people to keep them thinking and behaving in an inferior manner and steps to reverse it
  • Reverse the brain washing oppressors have systematically used to cause Black people to accept and celebrate their bottom of society position.

Take control of your life today by breaking these black magic and witchcraft spells that have been used as spiritual weapons of war against you and learn how you and your family can advance in life!

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4 reviews for Reverse the Slavery Curse Print Book 1

  1. Tamikio Dooley

    Reverse the Slavery Curse is a fantastic book. I’ve never read a book such nonfiction providing significant information about the black heritage. The author brought things to my attention about my people’s past I had no knowledge of. I love how the author thoroughly researched the book contents using the Bible verses to back up her claims. The books puts readers’ thoughts into appreciate action. I also the love steps the author wrote for readers to perform exercises of understanding their purpose in the past, present, and future. Overall, the book is written great.


    I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the knowledge gleaned from reading this book I praise my God for inspiring Paula‘s mind and equipping her to research and birth this amazing project, her book called ”Reverse The Slavery Curse”. The author is amazing at capturing your attention and revealing the deeper meaning of the scriptures, put before us, she takes a deep dive into what our eyes have taken for granted. I feel like Paula has been inspired by the Holy Spirit to take on this very controversial subject. She has taken the time, resources, and has researched and pondered over the Scriptures, and a plethora of books.
    Even though the subject matter is hard to digest, it’s a Book that must, be read, if we are to live a life
    Free from the oppressive legacy that our ancestors were forced to endure.
    Paula has opened my eyes to the deeper and more extravagant things of Gods astonishing love and forgiveness He has for each and everyone of us.

    “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”
    ‭‭II Chronicles‬ ‭7:14‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

  3. S.N.M Jones

    This book is outstanding! Regardless of your religious beliefs or preference, this book is definitely worth checking out. As someone who usually does not subscribe to religious ideology, I found this book informative and eye opening and encourage those individuals that walk by the Christian faith to check it out as this book can provide you with insight that you were not aware of and a pathway for action.

  4. Sharon

    Reverse the Slavery Curse, by Paula Holland is a powerful, present day truth that liberates the reader from age- old mindsets that encroach upon the freedom of an entire people. If you want to remain blind, to the manipulation of religious truths and the power contained therein to keep the masses enslave in a worker-builder class, rather than an ownership-facilitator class, then this is not for you! If you are open to be free by the truth, by all means, edulge and engage. The time is well invested. Thank you, Mrs. Holland.

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