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Answer #1: Reverse the Slavery Curse is a series of warfare and deliverance books that empower readers to break the invisible chains and shatter the spiritual barriers that have held back many Black people from prospering in the real world. 

Answer #2: The books contain a total of 100+ detailed spiritual warfare prayers that are highly targeted at specific areas that have historically affected Black people. The prayers address brainwashing, inter-generational trauma, unjust laws that were passed in the United States specifically against Black people, false religion, subversive television, movie and music programming, unequal exchanges for Black people and more.

Answer #3: The book series are self-help from the standpoint that the reader must take the action to read through the warfare prayers. The actual help comes from The Most High.

There are a lot of books out there that talk about the problem of Black people that are just talk, so how is this book series different?

Answer #4: While Reverse the Slavery Curse addresses the problems that have historically faced Black people, it also spends the bulk of the time proactively tackling these issues and paves the way for problems to be solved for the reader.

Answer #5: Reverse the Slavery Curse is for men, women, and teenagers.

Answer #6: Biblical and other scriptural texts have much to say about the condition of Black people, and many strongly suggest that Black people have been cursed based on conditions that are detailed in the Holy Bible that are found in the books of Exodus, Deuteronomy and in many other parts of the Old and New Testaments that detail the failure of the ancient people not fulfilling a covenant obligation with The Most High resulting in them being cursed and hated by people of other races.

Answer #7: There are historically traceable events that have contributed to Black people being behind economically and often hindered from competing with other races. Jim Crow laws in the South, for example, and dozens of other laws were passed at the city, county and state level throughout the United States that forbade Black people from working in certain professions, obtaining business licenses, owning land that impeded them for competing with people from other racial backgrounds. Many Black people who managed to overcome many of these laws were physically targeted by other races resulting in destroyed communities, loss of life and more and without consequences. Additionally, other marginalized minority races such as Japanese who were unlawfully interned in camps during World War II and first nations people who were raided and massacred were compensated with reparations in the form of money and land. Foundational Black people who are descendants of slaves have been categorically denied any form of compensation for generations of forced labor and other damages their ancestors endured.

Answer #8: The prayers in the Reverse the Slavery Curse series are warfare and deliverance in nature. The chapters include a prayer of protection that should be read out loud. Readers should also refrain from watching TV, videos/movies, listening to secular or Christian music, and engaging in social media including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It is also recommended that readers engage in food fasting on days they are reading the prayers and that they read the prayers as prescribed. Readers can expect to experience some level of spiritual activity and should avoid encounters with negative people if possible.

Answer #9: While I cannot guarantee results, most readers of Reverse the Slavery Curse, myself included, have achieved significant spiritual and natural breakthrough. One client said that she felt the most spiritual grounded she had ever felt after reading the series. This same client also received a huge $30K raise at work a few months after reading the series. For me personally, when I finished reading the series, I experienced noticeable mental and spiritual clarity and received a significant promotion at work.

Answer #10: The ebook delivery is provided through Bookfunnel which provides a variety of options for downloading on desktop, tablet or mobile. If you have a free Gmail account, you can download the ePub version of the book to your download folder on your computer. From there, you can open your Google Drive, select “open” a file in Google Docs. Open the downloaded ePub file from your download folder from Google Docs and you should be able to read from there. 

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