A New Year with a Bang

As with every new year, most people look forward to leaving behind the old and look forward with hope at what lies ahead. But at the time of this writing, we are a few weeks into 2021 and, boy, has this year already started with a bang! Everything from the Covid vaccine rollout to the 2020 presidential certification and fallout in Washington DC, this year is proving to be a bumpy ride and only Father God knows what the remainder of this year has in store.

No one expected how 2020 would have enfolded. Words such as pandemic, shelter-in-place, essential workers, non-essential workers, and reduced capacity all became words that were rare in our vocabulary prior to March 2020, but have since become a regular part of our everyday language. At the beginning of this health crisis, it was alleged that so-called Black people were immune to the Covid virus, but weeks later, Blacks were now more vulnerable than any people group and were quickly becoming the face of the disease. There’s an old saying in the Black community: “When white folks catch a cold, Black folks catch pneumonia.” The Covid virus certainly seems to bring credence to this saying.

Although Black people in the United States and all parts of the world have, traditionally speaking, always received the short end of the stick, I wonder if it always has to be this way.

Even though 2021 appears to be carrying the baton for 2020, I am personally looking forward to this new year not because I believe it could not be worse than 2020. On the contrary, I am well-aware that 2021 will likely be exponentially worse and could make 2020 to appear to be a dress rehearsal for a living nightmare. I also know there are prophecies through the Holy Bible and in extra biblical texts that speak of this current time we are living in.

While many in the world are feeling a sense of dread for the future, Galatians 6:9 tells to not be wearing in well-doing, for in due season we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up. There are countless scriptures in both the Old and New testaments of the Holy Bible that promises us Father God’s protection and blessings if we obey his laws.

Rather than living in dread of the unknown of 2021, return to the scriptures for insight. Since we are at the beginning of what our world refers to as the “new year,” why not take this reset time to create a habit of reading through the Holy Bible every day?

Below is a link to a Bible reading plan from the Back to the Bible org that you can follow:
Chronological Bible Reading Plan

Even though we are well into January 2021, just start right where you are today.
Happy reading!

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