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Most Black people need to completely reformat their biological computers to a level of a factory reset due to the corruption of systematic white supremacy, brainwashing, a bombardment of perverse religious teachings, and so much more.

Reverse the Slavery Curse provides the tools to perform a spiritual factory reset to reformat biological computers, reinstall TMH’s operating systems, and applications for Black people to operate in the way he originally intended.

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Thank you for visiting Reverse the Slavery Curse! I am so glad you are here. I have been fascinated with the power of the mind and have been studying mind enhancements and the correlation between mind and spirit for 15 years.


In 2014, I developed a mind enhancement system called Mind Mansion that was designed to undo brainwashing and re-position the way people think to redirect them toward positive thinking and outcomes so they could live at their highest potential.


Without exception, 100 percent of my clients who went through the Mind Mansion system experienced breakthrough and positive results including new jobs, overcoming bad habits, improving romantic relationships, and shedding family hurt and damage. Two of my clients found significant other relationships that led to happy marriages!


Being a foundational Black American I was especially interested in gaining insight about the brainwashing that many Black people had experienced, and the correlation between that brainwashing and the struggle to find success that so many Black people experience, so much more so than people of other racial groups experience.


As I researched Black history against ancient writings including those found in the Holy Bible, I became aware of underlying reasons for why many Black people have struggled physically, mentally, and socioeconomically for generations.


In 2018, after analyzing my research, I put together an outline of my findings which eventually became, Reverse the Slavery Curse.


My goal for Reverse the Slavery Curse is for other Black people to be empowered to break the mental chains, long-term brainwashing, and inter-generational trauma that have been a plaque on so many of us, and finally experience positive game-changing breakthrough.


Get ready to have your mind transformed. Drop me a line with any questions. I look forward to hearing about your journey!

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Welcome to the Reverse the Slavery Curse podcast! This podcast focuses on issues facing African Americans today such as joblessness, fragmented families and relationships, violence, and explores the origins of these issues. Tune in every week to hear from our host, Paula Holland and her special guests as they discuss resolutions to bring positive change into the lives of African Americans.

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Reverse the Slavery Curse – Book 2

There were 70+ laws & codes in the United States that were passed only against African Americans.

Did you know that many of these laws, codes and racial covenants are still in effect today?  Even though many of these racially biased and unjust laws against Black people have been overturned in the court system, many are still being enforced today because they were not overturned in the invisible spirit realm.

Reverse the Slavery Curse: Overturning Unjust Natural and Spiritual Judgements is the second book in a three-part series, and in it you will learn:

  • The natural and spiritual laws, codes, and racial covenants that were passed only against Black people that still exist today and how to overturn them
  • How to undo the brain washing that the ruling class have systematically used against Black people that has resulted in many of them looking up to and being enamored with their oppressors
  • Reverse the negative conditioning that has led to Black people submitting to the false narrative and bottom status their oppressors have assigned to them and reset their mind to strength, empowerment, and rulership.

You were born to rule. Details for pre-ordering your copy of Reverse the Slavery Curse: Overturning Unjust Natural and Spiritual Judgements is coming soon. Learn how to take dominion!

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I’d really lost myself after my dad died. I became an alcoholic, was in a bad abusive relationship and lost my faith. Reverse the Slavery Curse helped me to get that back. I feel my relationship with Yah has been restored. I have not felt so centered and full in my whole life. 


Elecia H.

I had always believed that the bad treatment that many Black people have experienced in America was just the result of racist people, but I never realized there are a deep spiritual for this. Reading Reverse the Slavery Curse really opened my eyes of the natural and spiritual forces at hand and I now feel empowered to do something about it.


Avis J.

Read, watch, listen, and learn about how many foundational Black people have been following a False Narrative and how to flip the script to change the game.



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